The Bloggers Tag!

Greetings Guys & Gals!

I was catching up on some of my Fave Blogs when I spotted this Tag by Avec Valarie and thought I would have a go on this chilled bank holiday Monday. 

Have a go yourself if you have spare time on your hands! 

Here's my take on 'The Bloggers Tag':

Q1, How Tall are you?:

5'2! I'm very much a Heel Girl. My other half is 6'3 so I look like a little munchkin next to him lol.

Q2, Do you have a hidden Talent?:

I have loads of Talents (lol). I have hypermobile fingers and Hitchhikers thumbs. I can bend them in funny positions. I find it really funny when people get freaked out by it. 

Q3, What is your biggest blogger pet-peeve?: 

Bloggers who create Drama and Bloggers who don't support other Bloggers.

Q4, What's your biggest non-blog related pet peeve?: 

People who don't wash their hands!

Q5, What's your Fave song?:

Hard Question to answer, I'll pick a random one of my Faves..... Enjoy The Silence by Depeche Mode.

Q6, Which is your Fave Social Media Site?: 


Q7, What's your Fave way to spend your free time when you're alone?:

Yoga, Watching Youtube Videos, Spending time with my Other half. Online shopping.

Q8, What is your Fave Junk Food?:

Veggie Spring rolls with Sweet n Sour Fried Rice. 

Q9, Do you have pets, if so, what kind and what are their names?:

Two male cats. One's a Tabby and the other is a Black cat. They're called MJ and Freddie Mercury. They are both pampered lil Divas.

Q10, What is your Fave Fiction and Non-Fiction book?:

Flowers in the Attic by V Andrews & Non-Fiction would be The Bible (Ooooh Deep lol)

Q11, What's your Fave Beauty Tool?:

At the moment it's my Eyebrow brush, I'm so happy to have my Eyebrows back lol!

Q12, When was the last time you were embarrassed?, what happened?:

My mind has gone blank but I'm sure I have had lots of Embarrising moments. I don't think anything embarrising has happened to me lately lol.

Q13, If you could only drink one beverage for the rest of your life (besides water) what would it be and why?:

Tea, either Breakfast or Earl Grey. 

Q14, What is your Fave Movie?:

Another hard question as I have a few but 'Fright Night' (1985) is one of my all time Faves.

Q15, What was your Fave lesson in school and why?:


Q16, If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?:

Somewhere in the Scottish Highlands 

Q17, Mac or PC?:


Q18, Last romantic gesture from a crush, date, boyfriend/spouse?: 

I'm pretty lucky to say that everyday me and my other half do little romantic things for each other

Q19, Fave Celebrity?:

Billy Connolly 

Q20, Which Blogger do you Secretly want to be friends with?:

It isn't a secret because I've told her in the past how fab she is but I'd have to say Touch of Belle who runs #BDIB 

Q21, Who is your biggest Inspiration?:

There's a few people I admire but I would have to say my Grandmother.

Q22, What is your Fave Blog to read?:

I have a list of my Fave blogs and youtubers... there's Too many to mention!

Q23, What is you Fave High Street Shop?:


Q24, Are you in Education or Work?:


Q25, What are you most proud of?: 

All the things I have achieved through hard work and determination.

well, there you have it! if you made it this far then Thanks for baring with me. If you decide to have a go tweet me your Blog link and I'll share it on The Bloggers Post.

Much Love & See you in the next post : )